I just don't want to get any newsletters, advertising notifications or other similar stuff! I am already paying you quite a lot, stop be so greedy... Uff...

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Aggressive T-Mobile marketing makes me really mad. Now it reached new level, I was unable to find the button. I clicked on every link in 'Services' section and the is no such setting.😠

@mig And having service completely serverless is imho impossible. I would say you at least need need some discovery/interconnecting server service.

@mig I wouldn't say that trusting a server is a blocker. Most people use and therefore trust big closed centralized services.

I was inspired by @mig to give Matrix another chance. I started by running own Matrix server. It seems up and running, but didn't test federation properly yet. You can find me as @stepan:skorpil.cz (maybe)

@mig @JamesHeather @archos A umí quicksy komunikovat i ven? S běžnými xmpp servery?

My girlfriend had vaccination reservation for today. But she got an email saying that they changed the date to tuesday. Wtf? You can't plan anything in this country...

MojeId, the CZ.NIC's identity service , has new phone app "MojeId key" for two factor authentization, replacing older and less secure "MojeId authenticator". 👍

My girlfriend graduated from Charles University. I am so proud...

Hurray, today I joined to 1️⃣💉 Pfizer team...

Tea lounges are back. 👍 I missed going out and smoking hookah...

@archos 😄 Dík, ale stejně to nestačilo na první místo ve firmě... Kolega se každý den hecnul aby mě předehnal. 🙂

May and the "Ride to work" competition. It's the only month when our company's dressroom is full of bikes.

Community extensions are not usually maintained properly, their way of accomplishing tasks is often very simplified... In short: it is much better to run several smaller services solving one dedicated task.

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First, I liked having single Nextcloud service with many extensions adding needed funkcionality. I had chat, rss, fediverse, mail extensions... But soon I realized this is not working well.

"I was far ahead of you when I returned to my line..." he said. The long scratch starting right behind his front wheel and passengers proved he was not...

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