@mig @archos Jj, nastoupil jsem do zamlženého busu a když jsem o dvě stanice dál vystupoval bylo najednou všude nasněženo 0.5 cm sněžného chmýří. Neuvěřitelně rychlá změna.

Ha ha, it's getting better. They new about the database leak since August. They paid ransom money and believed it's solved... 🤦‍♂️


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And also a reminder that md5 (and other weak algorithm) hashing and hashing without salting will be here forever 🙄

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1) attacker doesn't have to be a random stranger
2) using real words from your language makes it easier to gues a password because word dictionaries are one of guessing technique.

A good reminder that you should always have unique random generated password for every service.

Explosion of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai volcano (atmospheric pressure change) was measured by amateur metostations in (more than 16500Km far)

@jackc and wordpress is listed (the worpress plugin seems to expose nodeinfo endpoint 👍)

@jackc Not recognized are nodes reported as peers of known node and:
a) not responding on http
b) responding with invalid certificate
c) responding with error status
d) not supporting diaspora
nodeinfo api

🎉 Merged, released, published in docker-hub, pulled, deployed, in use...

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Today I created a pull request adapting the rss-bridge. I hope they will merge it soon.

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made new online video portal. The result is they still don't provide per-show feed and also broke comunity based rss-bridge. Not cool. 😠 Actually it didn't bring any improvement for me...

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