One of the good inpact of is pushing a laptop features that can be benefited also by .
For example can securely unlock your encrypted root linux drive without entering a password every time.
🔑 📀 :linux:

Btw they have these new Marvin Smoke water pipes. They are so nice i had to add it to my wishlist

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Proud of the team for organizing such a great conference, happy that it takes place at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (my ), honored that I was given the opportunity to speak here about translating The Precipice! ☺️❤️

now mirrors the query in url address. You can now share links leading directly to search results.

Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it:

Last update left both my routers with broken DNS resolver. No big deal, simple reboot helped, but this is the reason why I don't like automatic updates. I want to do the update when I have time and access to fix potential damages.

is by far my favourite modern for children.
It's clever, it has nice personality examples and beautiful songs, it's funny and contains nice messages about love.
Fun to watch even for adults.
📺 ⭐ 💎 ❤️ 🌹 🎶

On a way back from Beroun to Prague we had to took a selfie

with @anna on
🏰 🚲

This is next leap forward for : / launched own and servers.

You can follow several accounts like

🇪🇺♥️ :mastodon:

And there are search engines that index just the profile description, not toots...

Like my

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Toots with introduction hash tag is fine, but I would say that users should fill the same info also to profile description.
This is where you usually look into when some stranger interacts with you...

Wow, there is a lot of new people on . Musk buying the seems to be a really big oportunity for Mastodon's spread.
The biggest challenge always is to make them stay here. In the past Mastodon failed at this when was cancelled...
📈 👀

As a high-value post to welcome people leaving Twitter for Mastodon, this is how long our cat’s tongue is.

Twitter crosspost 


Sdružení CZ.NIC začalo zveřejňovat seznam jmen domén, které vyřadilo z DNS. Seznam bude aktualizován každou hodinu, nyní čítá necelých 800 záznamů. :


Current statistics of reported by :
222903 public users on 3551 instances
634 users on 1315 instances (only current beta has needed api)
277613 channels on 1195 instances
23931 users on 402 instances

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