Ha ha, it's getting better. They new about the database leak since August. They paid ransom money and believed it's solved... 🤦‍♂️


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And also a reminder that md5 (and other weak algorithm) hashing and hashing without salting will be here forever 🙄

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A good reminder that you should always have unique random generated password for every service.

Explosion of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai volcano (atmospheric pressure change) was measured by amateur metostations in (more than 16500Km far)

🎉 Merged, released, published in docker-hub, pulled, deployed, in use...

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Today I created a pull request adapting the rss-bridge. I hope they will merge it soon.

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made new online video portal. The result is they still don't provide per-show feed and also broke comunity based rss-bridge. Not cool. 😠 Actually it didn't bring any improvement for me...

coming back to Hanspaulka? 👍 👍 I hope they will use these two historic poles reminding the first trolleybus line in (1936)...

I hope deleting the account finally helps. And their "why are you living" questionare is not working on mobile phone. 😒

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Argghhhh. is a nigtmare spamming service. How many times I have to unsubscribe from it's f** newsletters. Once I just wanted to automate a service quickly and created an account. What a mistake... They didn't support the service I needed and I fell into their mailing trap.

Isn't it strange when a fediverse software has no official fediverse account to follow?
I would even expect to have account on one of the software's instances like Mastodon does.

Current crawler statistics:
:mastodon: 3195 nodes with 106173 users
:pleroma: 1100 nodes with 152 users
:peertube: 971 nodes with 217253 users and 228273 channels
:misskey: 316 nodes with 15419 users

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