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This week I discovered The Boys and I love it. It already has 3 seasons. How could I be missing it for so long?

We released gum yesterday, which lets you enhance your shell scripts with a user-friendly TUI, complete with dialogs, prompts, lists, and selections.

if you're into scripting or crafting immensely powerful shell one-liners, you should honestly check out the README, there are a ton of amazing examples:

Web ČT ART mi dnes udělal velkou radost. Ve své rubrice Knižní kvarteto zmínili jak knížku Nad propastí, kterou jsem překládala, tak Spolek pro efektivní altruismus a debaty o knize, které jsme zorganizovali a organizovat budeme. 🙂Děkuji!


To vypadá, jako by používala „ruskou diplomatickou školu.“
Protože webový odkaz, byť zvaný „trvalý nosič dat,“ nezaručuje ani to, že bude kdykoli dostupný, ani to, že se jeho obsah nebude v čase měnit. To přesně uměly přiložené soubory v e-mailu. 🙄


Every day I wake up with a . It's always a different one and it seems to express my mood somehow.

Have you the same experience?

🎵 Impossible
⭐ Two Steps From Hell

I noticed, that has a driver package in repository (nvidia-open). But then I discovered that it's not yet ready to use. :archlinux: :linux:
Will they finish it before my losts support? 🤞 Did somebody try it?

I was editing a video in the after a long time. From previous experiences I expected occasional crashes, but it didn't crash even once. Good job, it worked flawlessly.
🎞️ ✂️ 👍

Often I would like to subscribe to only a subset of a feed. For example I am intersted in somebody's technical updates, but not in his/her political views... Is there a social media that can do this? 👀


Babiš má prej rád knížky a lidi.

Tak na knížky jsem se zeptal během našeho podcastu. Nevzpomněl si na žádnou, kterou by během posledních 50 let četl. Tak moc je má rád.

Tipuju, že s lidma to bude podobně.


After 2 covid years of waiting (and two postpones) finally a concert.
It was a birthday gift, thanks for it...
🎵 2️⃣ 🔥

One of my favourite Black Books is on internet channel.
In the original english audio with czech subtitles...
⚫ 📕 ❤️ 🇨🇿 📺

When it fails, it fails completely...
I spent whole evening servicing my to be ready for my morning travel to work.
It started with a broken wheel spike wire and ended with changed chain, breaking pads, wheel spike, tyre and the inner tube.
🚲 🔧

I made a complain to the local road administration company, but got no response for 2 months now.
Lately they made it worse by putting gravel under the bridge, which is very hard to walk on, so passing with another person is even trickier. 😭 😭

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