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This makes me angry everytime I walk here. During railway reconstruction they took the old bridge down and built this new wider one. But they recreated the pavement under it in the old footprint. Why? It so narrow that two people can't pass each other. 😭

Zlatá stuha za překlad beletrie pro mládež!❤️🎗️

Víš, že jsem hrozná vyšla v Cooboo a byl to první román, který jsem přeložila. Práce na něm byly dva měsíce zábavy a návratu do gympláckých let. O to jsem za tuhle cenu vděčnější: že si někdo všimne, když něco děláte s láskou. 😊

I finally finished upgrade of my 3D printer:
✅ Magnetic, PEI covered steel bed
✅ Improved dual print head rigidity
✅ Repetier firmware replaced by Marlin

I am feeling lucky. Somebody tried to steal my and this old flimsy lock stopped him... Or her... 🚲🔐

O Nad propastí 🧵

👉 Oxfordský výzkumník Toby Ord popisuje existenční rizika, jimž v současnosti lidstvo čelí. U každého z nich (umělé inteligence, změny klimatu, pandemie... ) vyčísluje pravděpodobnost, že nás kvůli němu postihne existenční katastrofa, a... 1/x

📺An engineering view of the Concorde crash investigation by Real engineering channel 👍👍

Uff. Todays blackout left my home server out of operation for whole day. And problem? Some bug in motherboard's uefi didn't see the ssd after powering on. 🙄


Fluorid sírový má svoje kouzlo - to beze sporu. Ale Lucie Výborná recitující vogonskou poezii! To je geniální! (Y)

Jak by zněla v jejím podání báseň od Azgotha Chrochtose Nadýmavého z planety Kria? A co teprve od Pauly Nancy Millstone Jenningsové z anglického Greenbridge? :)


End of May and also an end of a competition. Finally. This year I feel kind of tired... Am I getting old? Nah... Can't be... 😄👴 🚲

added a directory api. Users who enabled to be discoverable are now indexed by ... 🎉 :friendica:
For now it discovered 5194 users📊 👤

If you have need for it doesn't matter if it's raining or not. 😁🌧️🚲🦢 🐟🚐

(And once again for my non-Czech speaking followers): this is the first children's book I've translated! A Spanish fairy tale about a witch called Anna Kadabra. Extremely fun to translate, with all its puns and rhymed spells. 😊 Hope Czech children will enjoy it.

One of the good inpact of is pushing a laptop features that can be benefited also by .
For example can securely unlock your encrypted root linux drive without entering a password every time.
🔑 📀 :linux:

Btw they have these new Marvin Smoke water pipes. They are so nice i had to add it to my wishlist

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Proud of the team for organizing such a great conference, happy that it takes place at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (my ), honored that I was given the opportunity to speak here about translating The Precipice! ☺️❤️

now mirrors the query in url address. You can now share links leading directly to search results.

Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it:

Last update left both my routers with broken DNS resolver. No big deal, simple reboot helped, but this is the reason why I don't like automatic updates. I want to do the update when I have time and access to fix potential damages.

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