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You know how Spamhaus wrongfully added us to their spam blocklist because some malware retrieved a public profile on here? Like, made a normal HTTP request to a public page that happened to be on our domain? Well, I obviously contacted them and had us taken down from the list, but now Kaspersky seems to have taken that information and added us to their blocklist. I've contacted them as well but this is getting ridiculous.

A movie called is being shot right now right next to my house. 👀🎥

After 2 years of several covid obstacles we finally could visit my sister in Glasgow.

Pink Floyd nahráli po hodně dlouhé době novou píseň. Pro Ukrajinu. 🇺🇦
Ty kytary jim šlapou stále dobře.

New has separate settings for light and dark desktop backgrounds. I use custom day/night dynamic wallpaper and there is no way of setting it in GUI for dark variant.
I had to manually set the GSettings key "org.gnome.desktop.background.picture-uri-dark"

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Good news is, that all shell extensions I use are working. Some do not declare version 42 support yet: for now I edited metadata.json locally, later I will try to open pull requests.

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First problem was that my bluetooth mouse wasn't working.
I had to enable bluetooth in settings and remove & pair mouse again.

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Some Fediverse alternatives to "big tech" social media:

Twitter ➡️ @Mastodon

Instagram ➡️ @pixelfed

YouTube ➡️ @peertube

Twitch ➡️ @owncast

Goodreads ➡️ @bookwyrm

Facebook Groups ➡️ @mobilizon

Medium ➡️ @writefreely

You don't need an account on all of these in order to interact with them.

Because they all use the ActivityPub open protocol, you can (for example) use a Mastodon account to follow someone on PixelFed or vice versa. That's why they are collectively known as the Fediverse, because they federate together at a technical level.

Also, this is an incomplete list, there are many other Fedi projects out there such as @funkwhale or @inventaire that are not direct alternatives but are their own thing.

#FediTips #Fediverse #Fedi #ActivityPub

I updated to 3.5 two days ago. I also installed official app. Everything seems working fine. Good work ❤️

The #XMPP server is now free to use. I verified the legitimacy of this message with the lead developer of the app. Pretty awesome that they decided to stop making money from something because they were able to meet their needs elsewhere, :-) #privacy

I finaly upgraded my 3D printer:
1️⃣ switched from to
2️⃣ replaced heat bed thick PEI foil mounted by paper clamps by magnetic PEI covered steel sheet
3️⃣ replaced defective extruder termistors

Early access to the beta program for #Mastodon's official #Android app is now available for our Patreon supporters:

Twitter crosspost 


V posledním dílu seriálu najdete odkazy na skripty pro dešifrování bnl souborů, generátor OID kódů nebo kompilátor vlastního bnl souboru, tipy na vytvoření grafiky a zvukových souborů. Jako bonus jsme připojili ukázkovou knížku "O kohoutkovi a slepičce".


"Flaškoslam" event: a concert with a .
Perfect combination of arts, this time also in collaboration with organization.

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