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(Not so much a tip but a plea...)

If you want to be able to follow hashtags in Mastodon, please put a thumbs up on the following issue:

If you're a developer, maybe you could contribute to the code to make this possible?

Following hashtags would be really useful for discovering new people to follow. New people would find interesting content more easily too. It would help Mastodon and the Fediverse grow 🌱 👍

#Mastodon #Fediverse

Quick project: Dimmable, Phone controlled, Watch controlled, Voice controlled, Button controlled LED lamps 💡

14) Export all events I am participating in as webcal calendar ❌ Mobilizon can only export ical for each event individually.

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12) Cros instance event participation ☑️ You can participate in event on other instance, but viewing such event localy is unreliable - comments are propagating quite slowly.
13) have multiple co-hosts✅

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11) Ability to set visibility of participants/invited... ❌ Mobilizon always shows attendants only to organizer. Often I would like to make it wisibile for all invited. All invited can see only participant count.

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10) Ability to set maybe state for participants but also ability to alert people in maybe state ❌
Mobilizon can only participate or not participate

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12) Cros instance event participation ☑️ You can participate in event on another instace, but viewing the event across instances is not reliable. Comment propagation is quite slow.

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11) Ability to set visibility of participants/invited. ❌ Mobilizon always shows attendants only to organizer, others see only number of participants

6) Limit event capacity✅
7) Ability for me to add comments with optional highlight and notification to participants✅
8) Ability for invited to add comment✅
9) By able to participate in event even without account.✅

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What I need is:
1) Invite friends✅
2) Limit visibility only for invited✅
3) Set description, event place, date and time of start and end✅
4) Notify participants on changes✅
5) Define groups of people to invite them more easilly✅

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My main goal is to replace Facebook events.

They were quite good for organizing parties, but that changed. Man almost can't find his own events, attendants are not properly notified about new comments...

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I tested out by @Framasoft and it is not ready for my use case.

Their demo site is not working btw, and nobody cares. Thus I tested it by creating account on two live instances.

In comparison to win10 I had to:
1) Add virtual TPM
2) Set specificly chipset wih efi firmware and secureboot
3) Set cpu to host-passtrough

I found this article usefull:

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I don't use for years, but I still have them installed in vritual machine for occasional testing. Today I managed to install Win11. It was'n as easy as it used to be with version 10.

database has no migration path for data between major versions? Really you have to dump all data to sql file, and import it back again?

Interesting: He applied custom theme to the app and tried to cover traces of Mastodon code. Not properly. It seems that he is violating the licence.

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