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2) core Media module implements oembed for some time. But I still needed to install an Oembed Provider module to add support for my service. You just define custom provider endpoints and it is set.

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There are several new things I learned.
1) there is an oembed standard, an open protocol of how to embed media on one service in other website. supports oembed 👍

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I also imported my old YouTube videos and switched links on my web to embed player instead of the YouTube one.

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I finally deployed my private instance and it was an super easy task. Well done project.

So I tested the module and it definately is not ready yet. I met several errs 500.
But fixing it could be a good opportunity to dive into how ActivityPub works... 🤔

[RT @V_Adamovsky]
Nemám rád, když politik lže.

Sepsal jsem proto 100 největších lží Andreje Babiše včetně důkazů a zdrojů, které ho ze lží usvědčují.

Děkuji za každý případný RT.

Just released a new app!

📣 Audio Sharing is available on Flathub now!

It's a small tool which allows you to stream your current computer audio over the network as a RTSP stream.

I found out that there is an ActivityPub module for Drupal, but it doesn't seem to be production ready. In fact it seems they have still a lot to do. Even their tests are failing...

Today's route Prague - Beroun - Prague. Flat terrain, almost empty streets, a bit colder weather and 102Km. 🚲 👍


🇨🇿 Byla jsem čestně uznána, odteď mě prosím čestně uznávejte! :) Mám radost.
🇬🇧 I won Honorable Mention in the Jiří Levý Translation Contest for translating an excerpt of Brit Bennett's The Vanishing Half. :)


I am really proud of my girfriend. ❤️ Her czech translation of the novel "You Know I'm No Good" was just published.

#Firefox 92 for Android now supports Web Authentication API which means it finally works with #mojeID and hardware tokens. \o/


Vláda si kupuje dny ve funkcích za roky budoucnosti nás všech. Tomu musíme zabránit. Potřebujeme politiky, kteří lidem rozumí. vybudoval v Semilech nejotevřenější radnici. Poté roky bojoval ve Sněmovně s lichváři. Dejme šanci kompetentním lidem vrátit důvěru ve stát


And next step is . I installed 3 virtuals and set them up as K8s nodes. All is done using Ansible, so it can be later (after I properly learn and test K8s) reproduced on my server.

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Installing my favourite Arch becomes very quick:
1) boot live image
2) create partitions
3) connect to internet
4) install basic packages, python and openssh
5) copy ssh key
6) run playbook
Done. I just have my environment I am used to. 👍❤️

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This weekend I finally found some time to learn and try Ansible. It's perfect. From now on I will install all new machines using plabooks.

It seem's like Jay Foreman also used to play Wacky Wheels PC game. I still love the soundtrack.

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