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First impressions with SPD pedals on the ? I was surprised how much it helps with power transfer. Unclipping? Easy. I got used to it very quickly.

Attaching few photos from the ride...

Yess, finally... After long time we manged to meet and play one of my favorite : Game of Thrones. This time with the Mother of Dragons extension. 👍🥈

My @Mastodon server setup broke after an upgrade. App returns 403 on "localhost", thus health check fails, thus app seems not ready, thus traefik doesn't route requests to it. App only accepts it's set hostname.

The pedal bearing started to jam. Let's try SPDs for the first time... I am a bit nervous. I hope I will learn unclipping quickly...

A year ago, I spent few days of covid isolation preparing automation of build & deploy processes for my several websites. It saved so much time since that. Today's security patches installed in few minutes...


Cross section of a 10 Gbps USB-C USB 3.x cable, potted in resin for photography.

This cable has 8 shielded "micro coax" cables for its high speed signals, each of which is only 1 mm across.

Outtake from a photo shoot with



😂 Brilliant! Signal built an ad generator that used targeting information from Facebook Graph about users and then showed those ads to them on Instagram and Facebook, basically telling them why they see them. Of course, FB shut down their accont.


This weekend I tried @FreeCAD for a first time. It worked really well, but I still have a lot to learn.

I fixed a HoneypotAsAService service on my Turris Omnia router. It exposes fake ssh client on public port 22 and then collects login trials and executed commands. It's completely save, router acts as a proxy, the ssh session is performed on cz-nic's servers.

Here the riverside was drifting down to water and created large cracks in the road. It was fixed and the road got new surface

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Yesterday, After 11 months, I made my favourite 50km ride to Vrané nad Vltavou. I almost couldn't recognize the Braník cycleway. So many improvements, nice surprise...

Finally the weather is warm enough to do bike rides together. First attempt was a trip to the city center.

In the current situation we spend all the time in our neighborhood and started to miss city center...

What are you going to replace google photos with? I need something to sync my android photos automatically, selfhostable, with posibility to create shared albums...

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