On a way back from Beroun to Prague we had to took a selfie

with @anna on
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After 2 years of several covid obstacles we finally could visit my sister in Glasgow.

"...I hereby confirm that for the last 20 years, Mr. Tichý has been drinking a minimum of 10 Pilsner beers every day in our pub..." 😀🍺🏭 with @anna

This weekend we spent in Hrubá skála. Nice rooms, nice saunas, perfect breakfast, ok dinners... And we made a trip to Valdštejn castle. The guide there wasn't a good speaker, but he was very young, he will catch up this skill later 🙂

Leonardo Café & Ristoro: this small restaurant became our favourite in Pisa. Every day we looked forward to dining here. There is also nice view of the Keith Haring's mural.

Finally Pisa and it's Babtistery, Duomo and of course the Leaning Bell Tower on the Piazza dei Miracoli

Lucca: town close to Pisa. Lots of churches (in one there is whole corpse of St. Zita, first saint person I have seen in real 🙂), narrow streets and nice square built on top of remains of Roman amphitheater.

Are you tourist in Pisa? You would like to use an app to search for public transport easily? We say NO! Just fiddle with the web and be glad that the connection searching section is translated to English... 👎

We drove through Hustopeče and noticed a strange tower. We just had to stop there. If nothing else, this church is eye catching...

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