One of the good inpact of is pushing a laptop features that can be benefited also by .
For example can securely unlock your encrypted root linux drive without entering a password every time.
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What's happenning with on ? It's almost a month since version 41 was released and there is no new package even in testing repository.

And another surprise on today's update:
8.8 was published, it disables "ssh-rsa" host key algorithm by default. Sadly I had to enable it back for Bitbucket because Bitbucket still relies on it.

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And next step is . I installed 3 virtuals and set them up as K8s nodes. All is done using Ansible, so it can be later (after I properly learn and test K8s) reproduced on my server.

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This weekend I finally found some time to learn and try Ansible. It's perfect. From now on I will install all new machines using plabooks.

In case you use + + + multiple monitors, stay with older packages 1.20-11-1 of xorg-server and xorg-server-common

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