I am feeling lucky. Somebody tried to steal my and this old flimsy lock stopped him... Or her... 🚲🔐

On a way back from Beroun to Prague we had to took a selfie

with @anna on
🏰 🚲

This weekend I was on a orienteering competition Voděradská šlapka. It was organized by our grammar school's PE teachers for school graduates. Best event ever. Friends 👍 👍fun 👍... My team won btw 🏆

What a day. Yesterday I washed my and today it is raining. And the biggest rain started just on my way home from work. And in the middle of all this the chain broke...

May and the "Ride to work" competition. It's the only month when our company's dressroom is full of bikes.

First impressions with SPD pedals on the ? I was surprised how much it helps with power transfer. Unclipping? Easy. I got used to it very quickly.

Attaching few photos from the ride...

The pedal bearing started to jam. Let's try SPDs for the first time... I am a bit nervous. I hope I will learn unclipping quickly...

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