I finally finished upgrade of my 3D printer:
✅ Magnetic, PEI covered steel bed
✅ Improved dual print head rigidity
✅ Repetier firmware replaced by Marlin


I finaly upgraded my 3D printer:
1️⃣ switched from to
2️⃣ replaced heat bed thick PEI foil mounted by paper clamps by magnetic PEI covered steel sheet
3️⃣ replaced defective extruder termistors

I am playing with @FreeCAD for my projects. Is there a recommended way of version control for it? Previously I used Openscad, which has all project files in plain text thus perfect for git. I found only this: blog.lambda.cx/posts/freecad-a

Quick project: Dimmable, Phone controlled, Watch controlled, Voice controlled, Button controlled LED lamps 💡

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