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Wow, :xmpp: client @dino released new version with full 📞 support. I tested both 🔈audio and 🎥video between and . It worked perfectly. 👍 👍


SpaceX přišla až o 80 % nových družic vypuštěných ve čtvrtek 3.2 kvůli mimořádné sluneční bouři.

Geomagnetické bouře mohou vážně ohrozit naše družice, protože jim nabité částice mohou poškodit či zničit elektroniku. Tentokrát ale Starlinky selhaly ještě z jiného důvodu... 1/2



Na čem teď pracuju.
Benjamín Labatut: Strašlivá závrať 📖
Vyjde v květnu u 🙂


: I disabled the minimal char count limit to enable searching by emoji. It proved to be useful to search by language/nationality.

I upgraded by adding a basic search in indexed servers. You can now check if and when was your server last indexed...

(Yep, I still need to do some proper styling, but it works)

A good reminder that you should always have unique random generated password for every service.

🎉 Merged, released, published in docker-hub, pulled, deployed, in use...

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coming back to Hanspaulka? 👍 👍 I hope they will use these two historic poles reminding the first trolleybus line in (1936)...

"...I hereby confirm that for the last 20 years, Mr. Tichý has been drinking a minimum of 10 Pilsner beers every day in our pub..." 😀🍺🏭 with @anna

Our friends from Spain visited us in . Any ideas what other restaurants should we show them in city center?

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