I made a complain to the local road administration company, but got no response for 2 months now.
Lately they made it worse by putting gravel under the bridge, which is very hard to walk on, so passing with another person is even trickier. 😭 😭

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This makes me angry everytime I walk here. During railway reconstruction they took the old bridge down and built this new wider one. But they recreated the pavement under it in the old footprint. Why? It so narrow that two people can't pass each other. 😭

I am feeling lucky. Somebody tried to steal my and this old flimsy lock stopped him... Or her... 🚲🔐

End of May and also an end of a competition. Finally. This year I feel kind of tired... Am I getting old? Nah... Can't be... 😄👴 🚲

If you have need for it doesn't matter if it's raining or not. 😁🌧️🚲🦢 🐟🚐

On a way back from Beroun to Prague we had to took a selfie

with @anna on
🏰 🚲

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Sdružení CZ.NIC začalo zveřejňovat seznam jmen domén, které vyřadilo z DNS. Seznam bude aktualizován každou hodinu, nyní čítá necelých 800 záznamů. : nic.cz/page/4315/sdruzeni-czni

🐦🔗: twitter.com/CZ_NIC/status/1517

A movie called is being shot right now right next to my house. 👀🎥

After 2 years of several covid obstacles we finally could visit my sister in Glasgow.

New has separate settings for light and dark desktop backgrounds. I use custom day/night dynamic wallpaper and there is no way of setting it in GUI for dark variant.
I had to manually set the GSettings key "org.gnome.desktop.background.picture-uri-dark"

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Good news is, that all shell extensions I use are working. Some do not declare version 42 support yet: for now I edited metadata.json locally, later I will try to open pull requests.

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I finaly upgraded my 3D printer:
1️⃣ switched from to
2️⃣ replaced heat bed thick PEI foil mounted by paper clamps by magnetic PEI covered steel sheet
3️⃣ replaced defective extruder termistors

"Flaškoslam" event: a concert with a .
Perfect combination of arts, this time also in collaboration with organization.

Our cat is naughty today. She must know that the weekend is here... ❤️😺 Almost

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Good morning Prague! Ready for a video thread? This is especially for you @MP_Praha@twitter.com
(I want your video shared publicly - FOI)
THIS IS VIDEO EVIDENCE for escalate to @EU_Commission@twitter.com @EuCyclistsFed@twitter.com if @PrahaEU@twitter.com keeps criminalizing cycling (in the center)
So, normal ride as usual 1/

🐦🔗: twitter.com/sergiowct/status/1

Our Ofi is special in many ways. For example she is not scared of vacuum cleaner... 😺

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