A good reminder that you should always have unique random generated password for every service.

🎉 Merged, released, published in docker-hub, pulled, deployed, in use...

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coming back to Hanspaulka? 👍 👍 I hope they will use these two historic poles reminding the first trolleybus line in (1936)...

"...I hereby confirm that for the last 20 years, Mr. Tichý has been drinking a minimum of 10 Pilsner beers every day in our pub..." 😀🍺🏭 with @anna

Our friends from Spain visited us in . Any ideas what other restaurants should we show them in city center?

Advent is here.🎄
The time I enable my christmas home automation. It switches light chains on at sunset and off at sunrise.

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Rust suggests to add this tiny type annotation to my variable..

🐦🔗: twitter.com/domenuk/status/145

I don't use for years, but I still have them installed in vritual machine for occasional testing. Today I managed to install Win11. It was'n as easy as it used to be with version 10.

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