I was checking the log and discovered, that somebody is spoiling network by spawning thousands of fake servers.
Is it a kind of DDOS attack on the network?
:fediverse: :fedisearch:

For now I found and blocked 3 domains that are doing it: fediversesearch.com, gab.best, 4chan.icu
In database I have around 86000 subdomains of each, all looking random like 7gq0ke9560x0.gab.best


I don't know how activity pub works, but is it possible to pretend to be somebody else's domain?
Today I found out that there are thousands of fake subdomains of masto.host, like:

I have to come up with a way how to autoamtically recognize and block these subdomain ranges on my app.

@stepan ActivityPub is a protocol. Like any protocol, it can be implemented differently by each software/developer.

One developer can create an ActivityPub compatible software without domain/source validation and another with domain/source validation.

From what I understand, you are attempting to collect information from all ActivityPub compatible software and so, each software will have its own answer to your question.

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