I finally deployed my private instance and it was an super easy task. Well done project.

I also imported my old YouTube videos and switched links on my web to embed player instead of the YouTube one.

There are several new things I learned.
1) there is an oembed standard, an open protocol of how to embed media on one service in other website. supports oembed 👍

2) core Media module implements oembed for some time. But I still needed to install an Oembed Provider module to add support for my service. You just define custom provider endpoints and it is set.


3) There is also a dedicated module, but I it's not needed really. It uses oembed provider module to add your set peertube as custom endpoints internally. I decided to omit this to keep complexity of my setup lower...

4) To setup oembed properly in , you need a separate domain just for serving oembed media. It is for security reasons: to avoid sharing cookie space with the website.

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