A year ago I started to be annoyed by traditional social networks like Facebook and Twitter and started to look for alternatives.

First part of my solution is Mastodon. Open source social network that I ended up running on my own home server. No more ads, no more post sorting by relevance. Just a chronological wall of posts that I want to see. I am so glad that there is software like this...

Second part is RSS reader. I ditched Feedly and moved to self hosted TinyTinyRSS. Again: no more post sorting by relevance. Sadly, many webs don't support rss feeds. It used to be more common for websites to support RSS.

@stepan There is feed43 which will scrape pages and present feeds, but it has some limits. I have half of a clone of it on my site, currently entirely unusable, so I hacked together a feed parser for mangadex since they haven't done that in v5 yet.


@Zergling_man I am currently running a RSS-Bridge. github.com/RSS-Bridge/rss-brid It is a modular service which scrapes webs and presents them as RSS feed. But this shouldn't be needed in perfect world...

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